How to Submit editorial for print & online editions

ELE Times welcomes industry news items, ideas for technical articles, new product releases, white papers and calendar information for publication in print and online. Our website is updated daily. Also we publish newsletters (eNews) via email every week. Please follow the guidelines as below.

Calender Updates

Our “Calendar of Events” is published online and is updated regularly. Tell us about your event.

   Send event information to:

   Include name of event, date, location, and email or Web address for the event

   Include a contact name, phone number, and email address

New Products

Keep new product press releases short (less than 350 words) and to the point. Stick to the facts:

what’s new, what are its benefits, what market is the product aimed at, and who to contact for more

information. Please include the company website address.

   Send new product information via email to:

   Include the email address of who your customer should contact for more information

   Include a high-resolution color image (JPEG, TIFF, EPS, or PSD formats, preferred separately)

Feature Ideas

Although many of our feature topics are coordinated with the Editorial Calendar included in this

Media Kit, we regularly publish additional technical features in print and online about advances in

Electronics and Technology, written by leading research and development scientists and engineers.

   Check the editorial calendar for planned topics: Typical lead time is three months

   Send ideas (a couple of paragraphs will do) to:

   Follow up with a phone call

Technical News & Articles

advances technology. What are its benefits? What are the likely applications?

   Send technical news releases via email to:

   Include the email address and phone number of the contact for more information

   Images can be attached in a separate file (JPEG, TIFF, EPS, or PSD formats preferred)

   Video content can be emailed to:

   Industry (Business & Markets) News Published online, typical industry news includes technical articles, executive changes, major contract awards, mergers and acquisitions, market research reports, and industry events.

   Send press releases to :, Include a contact name, phone number, and email address

Letter to the Editor

If you would like to comment on something that appeared in the magazine or on our website, send us a letter or email — we’d like to know what you think.

   Send to:

   Include address and phone number

   Keep it short (100-200 words)