About us

About NDPM

NDPM is India’s most diversified media group with power brands across electronics and technology publications. Most recently NDPM harps on the first ever web broadcasting in B2B domain.

It is integrated business-to-business media company providing authoritative print and online publications,conferences and exhibitions,research,databases and information products to strategic global markets.

New Delhi Print Media Group offers a diverse set of print, web and digital /electronic media resources that delivers unparalleled coverage of the electronics, technology, aerospace & defence, market across multiple disciplines.

  • #1 in Editorial Content, Circulation, and Readership
  • Generating highest quality queries through integrated marketing packages including print, newsletters, web banners, online, and custom projects
  • Chosen-Markets Leader–delivering unparalleled coverage to design engineering and OEM markets

Partners with the most respected brands in the industry and reaches out to India & selected Global destinations.The media has deep inroads into electronics and applications in general and design engineers as well as highly specified audiences in chosen markets in particular.


The story of NDPM goes back to April, 2010 when the flagship publication – ELE Times – was published as a bi-monthly Magazine. Since then, it has consistently moved up the growth curve by successfully entering new markets and launching new titles. The success of the organization has been guided by a simple thought – treating the Magazine not as a commodity or product but as a Brand, whose prime objective is to serve its readers and advertisers and bring them to a common platform.

NDPM currently maintains a staff of over 40 employees at its headquarters in New Delhi, and at its editorial and sales branch offices. The company also includes several contributing editors located around the world and an advisory board in the electronics industry.

Since its founding the company has adhered to a philosophy of editorial quality and integrity that ensures that advertisers reach the largest number of loyal readers. Because of this philosophy, the company has maintained an international reputation in electronics.

In the last few years, the group has evolved with its namesake. It has reflected public opinion in electronics world as well as shaped it. It has shared the triumphs as well as tribulations. It has been India’s strongest supporter as well as its harshest critic.


NDPM believes in “Journalism with a Techmind”, which thrives on telling it the way it is without fear or favour. We discover out every detail that brings out the how, why, where and what next of the subject. So, our readers can formulate their own stands on electronics/ technology in a bias-free manner.  Mission NDPM is to deliver electronic India to the world.