New Delhi Print Media has defined the science and industry of electronics, technology in both technical and Practical information for every aspect of the global industry and promoting an international dialogue among the engineers, professionals and end users who develop,

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NDPM is redefining the modern electronics media company by empowering the smartest voices with the technology to create premium content, connecting with its web verticals with an annual audience of 4.5 M+, next generation, practicing engineers & professionals.

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Discover how NDPM Digital Media Solutions can help achieve your goals & enable engagement with your prospects at any stage of the buying cycle. Our multi-chanel marketing options are specifically designed to reinforce your message to qualified decision-makers .

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We are modern and progressive in our outlook, but Oriental in our value systems.


We will be fiercely competitive in the market place, but at no stage will we compromise on our values. We will not sacrifice our values for short-term gains or even under impossible circumstances.


We will adopt the highest standards of honesty and integrity, professionally and personally, individually and collectively. We will be governed by a strong sense of fair play in our dealings with our colleagues, our clients and our suppliers.


We will be transparent in our dealings with both our clients and suppliers.


We will place our client's interest ahead of our own.


We will conserve our resources to meet unforeseen circumstances.

We create and nurture communities of targeted engineers and professionals by engaging them through our interactive digital, web and print media platforms. Our well-connected editors and research analysts offer an edge.They leverage their expertise and insights to provide relevant, carefully curated content.

Let’s get creative! Custom Programs include anything and everything… Live trade show promotion, custom video series, content creation, print publications,design contests,giveaways, mobile apps… we could keep going but we think you get the idea.

NDPM’s reputation as India’s leading B2B media company stems from its ability to consistently deliver a measurable return on investment to clients through the combination of high quality content, relationships & branding,marketing programmes,including multimedia solutions. Our business intelligence services similarly benefit from our ability to identify trends, interpret complexity and partner them to conceptualize and execute for impact.

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